Thursday, August 9, 2018

Flower Power Tulip Fields - WIP

A while back I started on some string blocks for a quilt based on Bonnie Hunter's Tulip Fields from her book String Fling - one of my favourites!  I've kept my internal and block sashings the same as hers but my flower blocks are larger!
One of my Tulip blocks
My sashings will be green where hers are orange
Green Sashings
Another difference is that her flower points and cornerstones are solid red where mine are a variety of red tone-on-tones.  I've kept the cornerstones with the green sashings in one fabric - a lovely mottled red that has streaks of orange through pink.  Aiming for kid's single bed size of @68"x78" as it's destined for my granddaughter.  She still has to grow into a bed so I've plenty of time to finish it!  Sure is a good use for all those strings cut from straightening fabrics as well as odd bits from my upcycled shirt collection.  Tried to have at least one bright string in each triangle though some of my blocks from months ago were a little dull.  Mixed up when laid out they should be fine though.