Thursday, August 9, 2018

Quilting Calculators - Yards and Metres

There are many quilt fabric calculators and apps all over the web but they all calculate yards.  My calculators give the amounts of fabric required in inches, yards and meters.

They calculate the minimum amount of fabric required so if you are purchasing new fabric it's a good idea to buy a little extra.  They have short and long output - the long output tells you how much will be leftover after converting to yards or meters.  If the amount is very small this is your signal to buy extra--or cut very, very carefully.

I originally developed these for my charity quilting.  It can be so frustrating to cut borders only to realize that one is short and if only I'd cut the borders 1/2 inch smaller I'd have had enough.  With these calculators I can measure and if I don't have enough, I can recalculate with slightly narrower borders until the amount works.

Try them at Border, Binding and Backing Fabric Calculaors -- in Meters and Yards